Reverse Phone Lookup Reviews


Still not sure if a reverse phone lookup is right for you? Check out what some of our other customers have to say about their experience with Reverse Phone Detective.

“This service helped find out who was prank calling our house at all hours of the night. We got the info and threatened to call the cops AFTER telling them we knew their full name and address. That stopped the calls immediately, thank you!!!” – Karyn, NC

“My boyfriend was getting text messages late at night that he’d act suspiciously about so when he was in the shower I used your reverse lookup search service. The number came back to another woman’s cell phone that I’d never heard about. Without your reverse phone number lookup search I’d still be with that creep, thanks for the help!” – Melissa, CA

“I came across your reverse phone lookup service last fall and I’ve been using it with your membership plan for a while now. I use it mostly for business and making sure contacts are giving me legitimate contact phone numbers. This service is priceless, everyone should have a membership just for convenience sakes.” – Barry, NY


“Using a service like this has saved me so much time and energy searching online where records aren’t even available, thanks so much for making this available. I’ve since gotten the membership option you offer and it’s incredible for ‘screening’ phone calls as they come in” – Beth, GA

“Ever since my daughter got a cell phone I’ve been worried about who she is talking to at all hours, so I got a report from you guys. The service is great, fast and so worth the money when you consider how crazy things are these days. Using your reverse phone lookup I can finally make sure she’s safe and not doing anything wrong.” – Mark, TX

“I used the other sites like Whitepages and never had any results, all of today’s records just aren’t free or public anymore it seems. Using your site I was able to get the private telephone records in no time. Thank you so much for making this available, it’s amazing!!” – Melissa, ID